Will You Know WhenYou Need Cash?

How Much Money does it take to run a Business?


Many business owners—whether they’re a start up entrepreneur or they’ve been in business for thirty years—ask themselves this very question when trying to figure out how much money they need to put into their business. The business owner needs to be able to determine if hey need to put their money into their business, get money from other sources, or if hey don’t need money at all whether their time horizon is in a month, a year, or five years. Knowing in advance how much cash they need or how much cash is available on different levels of sales volumes and expenses would give business owners much more precious time to react. I want to be told when it’s cloudy, not when it’s raining, and I say that as a business owner myself. Cash Tell is Next Step CFO’s sophisticated forecasting modeling tool. It tells business owners what their cash position will be at any point in the future, giving a great advantage to the business owner in preparing for whatever comes. Next Step CFO developed CashTell, and it is a tool exclusively available to clients of Next Step CFO.

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