CFOs Need A Diverse Set Of Capabilities

Chief Financial Officers in today’s business world need a diverse set of capabilities. Being responsible and managing money is an important CFO service, therefore the CFO needs to know a great deal about ALL facets of business and business ownership, including out of focus aspects such as marketing or manufacturing, to better do this job. The CFO might not start out an expert on every last detail of the business world, but developing a deeper knowledge of those out of focus areas is a great step towards broadening a CFO’s capabilities, making business owners take notice and consider what  an invaluable asset a CFO who really knows what they’re doing is in a business world that revolves around money.

Let’s take marketing, for example. On certain aspects of marketing (particularly website marketing and search engine optimization), a Part Time or Temporary CFO can provide some really useful insight and help clients a great deal. A business can attain top positions on Google and other search engines with a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Those kinds of positions will give the business a strong Internet Presence, thereby enhancing their current marketing strategy. Thanks to knowledge about a facet of business a bit outside their realm (marketing), the CFO in this example was able to do their job better.

On the subject of marketing and good SEO strategies, using an RSS feed will help you get top positions on Google and other search engines. Fresh up to the minute content can be provided for your website by an RSS feed. Reuters example of an RSS Feed is Reuters who services many news related websites with up to the minute news around the world through an RSS Feed. The best way for a business to use an RSS feed is to start a blog about their business and write articles daily about their business using key word rich content. Most Blogs have an RSS feed connection and connect the RSS Feed from the Blog to your website and every time you write an article about your business and post it to your blog it will change the content of your website. When you change the content of your website the search engine crawlers index your site. The more you change the content the more you get indexed by the search engines and indexing increases your search engine ranking.

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