Inventory Management

Over the next Several Weeks we will be posting a new and different one-minute video providing business tips and instructional commentary for small business owners.   These tips will range from key metrics to consider to the importance of Business and Cash Flow Forecasting.

Roger Buchika, a great ski retailer from Buchika’s Ski Shop in the Boston area used to say, the less inventory you buy, the more money you make. What Roger meant was is over buying inventory will kill you because you end up having to take more unplanned mark downs in order to move the over bought stock. My name is Michael Barbarita from Next Step CFO providing outsourced CFO Services with your know your numbers minute. One of the things that I do is gather an inventory purchase and payables plan to ensure my clients don’t over buy. Through this plan, one client increased cashflow by six figures in just one year! Affective inventory management to maximize profiting cashflow is critical in this new economy, and so remember: the most successful business owners know their numbers.

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