The CFO Provides the tools for Success

Three things are needed to succeed in business:

One– The ability to take action.

Two-Taking control of your mind and thoughts.

Three-The proper tools.

Taking action and taking control of yourself depends on you alone, but to acquire the proper tools requires being reliant on outside sources—one of which can be a good CFO.

With these perks from the tools your CFO can offer you, your power trinity of success can be completed:

1. At any point in the future, how much cash will they need or have.
2. The business owner is allowed to choose multiple scenarios if:

* Sales/revenues go up or down.
* Expenses go up or down.
* Inventory goes up or down.
* Increase or decrease in Debt Structure.
* Increase or decrease of Capital Expenditures.
* Increase or decrease of Headcounts.

3. Optimum inventory levels determined.
4. Optimum timing of making trade and expense payables and
how much to pay determined.
5. The company’s ability to make capital expenditures determined.
6. If a company should purchase or lease equipment determined.
7. At what time business owner can retire and still pull out a paycheck from the
business determined.
8. How much debt you will have at any particular time determined.
9. What the business owner has to do to increase cash flow determined.
10. Break even points determined.
11. Optimum inventory receipts or manufacturing output determined.
12. Optimum expense levels determined.
13. Operating budgets helped to develop.
14. Optimum headcount helped to be determined.
15. Business Valuation assisted in being determined.
16. Key operating metrics helped to be determined.
17. The effect of adding or eliminating a product line, business segment or store location determined.

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