Trademarked Names

Over the next Several Weeks we will be posting a new and different one-minute video providing business tips and instructional commentary for small business owners.   These tips will range from key metrics to consider to the importance of Business and Cash Flow Forecasting.

Beechwood aged. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right: Beechwood aged is a trademarked term from none other than Budweiser. My name is Michael Barbarita from Next Step CFO providing outsourced CFO Services with your know your numbers minute. Did you know that the vast majority of beers are beechwood aged, but only Budweiser can say that. What is beechwood aging? I don’t have a clue, and you probably don’t either, but it sounds good and makes you think of Budweiser and that’s all that counts. We business owners need to think of these types of trademark-able names in our businesses, whether others do the same thing or not. It builds value in your business. And remember, the most successful business owners know their numbers!

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