Traits Of Good Employees

Over the next Several Weeks we will be posting a new and different one-minute video providing business tips and instructional commentary for small business owners.   These tips will range from key metrics to consider to the importance of Business and Cash Flow Forecasting.

A former NBA basketball coach identified three things that all of his players must have in order for the team to be successful and it just so happens that business owners need the exact same things from their employees. My name is Michael Barbarita from Next Step CFO providing outsourced CFO Services with your know your numbers minute. Those three must haves are, number one: the employee wants to be there. When an employee wants to be there it creates a positive inertia that rubs off on other employees and customers. Two: the employee wants to be coached. Sure they can bring certain skills to the table, but are they willing to learn more? Number three: the employees want s to be great. Employees with personal motivation and drive will always try to find ways to contribute and add value. Do your employees have these qualities? Because remember, the most successful business owners know their numbers!

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